Bezrealitky to Launch New Service to Enable Sale or Purchase of Turnkey Properties


Around 6,800 properties had been sold on the Bezrealitky in 2020, which has in turn successfully attracted new types of customers looking for a simple and facile platform to sell, buy, rent, and rent out properties.

Bezrealitky's offer to let their clientele manage their own property operations, instead of relying on a real estate agent is also proving to be attractive to customers.

Because of the platform's success, they've now added a new service to encompass more of potential customers' needs. They will launch a new 'Comfort' service, which will enable the sale or purchase of a turnkey property. Turnkey properties are fully renovated homes or apartment buildings that an investor can immediately buy and rent out.

Bezrealitky will offer a team of specialists for various processes - from assistance with inspections, pre-selection of applicants, technical inspection of properties, photography and legal services.

Consequently, the property owner does not pay anything for the Comfort service. The price of the service, fixed in advance and individually determined, is therefore deducted from the final above-standard sales price.

Moreover, purchasing real-estate directly through Bezrealitky's service is quite a profitable solution, since the services of sales specialists will be jointly provided by Bezrealitky and Maxima Reality during this year of 2021.

"We want to offer the new Comfort service as soon as possible throughout the country. In order to be able to handle all those interested, we need to provide dozens of proven specialists in individual regions immediately. It was definitely not in our own strength, so we searched and found a suitable partner. The unique model of approach to specialists that Maxima offers on the market is in line with our reality-free philosophy," says Hendrik Meyer, CEO of Bezrealitky and managing director.

"However, we want to be sure that the new service will provide a really high-quality service, and that means having partial control over it. This will allow us not only to enter the property but also to have our own participation in the administration of Maxima from the position of executive".

Maxima Reality has long been able to sell more profitably than the current market average - by about 10-15% than in the case of ordinary real-estate agencies. At the same time, its specialists can find people significantly faster - for example, they will find a buyer for a Prague apartment in an average of 40 days.

"We are not a classic real estate agent, we do things differently. We do not follow the path of brokers - that is, people who are looking for customers themselves and looking after their own earnings on individual projects. We work with a network of our own specialists who jointly participate in each order. Thanks to this, up to a dozen specialists can take part in the sale of one property for individual specific steps, who are not paid by commissions, but by a standard salary", explains Zuzák from Maxima.

However, the sales specialist will only participate in the process at the explicit request of the seller and his order for the Comfort service.

Bezreality is the largest real-estate portal and online platform offering the possibility of direct sale or rental of real-estate.

The portal is visited by more than half a million people interested in housing every month, and every month around 800 people's properties are sold through it and around 4,000 properties are rented.

Among other things, the portal also offers complete property management and rental as part of its service. The portal saved people around 2 billion CZK in 2020 on commissions of which they would otherwise have to pay to real-estate agencies.