Bondgirl Rosamund Pike Lives in Prague. “I Should Really Learn Czech!”


The British actress, 42, explained how she moved to the Czech Republic with her partner of 10 years, mathematician and businessman Robie Uniacke, 60, and their two sons Solo, eight, and Atom, six, while shooting The Wheel of Time.

The Gone Girl star said the family decided to relocate for the duration of filming to avoid a 'constant back and forth'.

Rosamund is currently filming as Moiraine the sorceress in The Wheel of Time, an adaptation of Robert Jordan's cult novel series of the same name, hence the impulsive move abroad.

When quizzed on whether she'd learned another language in lockdown, the actress said that Mandarin was the family favourite. She revealed: "My kids speak Mandarin, so they have been home-schooling me!"

'I should really be learning Czech and I am aware of the irony of living in the Czech Republic and learning Mandarin!'

Rosamund is set to star in the Netflix comedy thriller I Care A Lot, which has been released on the streaming platform on Friday.

The award-winning actress plays the villainous Marla Grayson, who makes her living serving as a court-appointed legal guardian for the vulnerable elderly.

The actress said her family has been enjoying living in the Czech capital. "It's a city of culture and a city of opportunity. It's in central Europe, it's perfect for road trips. We've done some interesting exploratory adventures in the vicinity."

She joked that the city felt even more distant because of Brexit.

"It seems even further away now Brexit has happened. We feel like we are in a very different country and it feels very far away suddenly."