We offer a global, continuous and integrated management service of properties and real estate assets intending to monitor the state of properties, uses and market trends, in order to maximise profit and value of the managed properties over time.


We deal with all issues related to the management of one or more properties belonging to an individual owner, who often does not want to maintain a direct relationship with their tenants, nor personally take care of all the obligations required by this activity:

  • Lease drafting

  • Fee updates

  • Tax advice

  • Technical and legal advice

  • Lease consulting

  • Collection and recovery of rent

  • Distribution of condominium expenses between the owner and tenants

  • Accounting of condominium expenses between current and previous tenant in case of a takeover

  • Renegotiation of lease agreements
  • Management of expenses

The property management service also includes condominium management

Our experience makes us aware of the possible problems a condominium might have and of the required management. We solve any problem that may arise, and we offer the best solution.


We regularly visit the properties with a qualified and responsible member of staff. Each of our visit is aimed at improving the building.


Competence and timeliness of intervention for every situation, accuracy and punctuality in communication, continuous update of the condominium also via email.


Transparency on all condominium documentation, freely accessible to each condominium on request.